For production purposes we use machinery ensuring continuous and quality production with the emphasis on maximum precision, effectiveness and high performance. The undercover production capacity of our plant is about 10,000.00 m2. This, however, can be later extended if required.

Our machine park comprises:

  • Portal cranes of 8t - 50t load-bearing capacity;
  • Bevelling machines;
  • Radial drills of up to ϕ 100 mm;
  • Band saws of up to 640 mm;
  • Horizontal boring machines;
    • TOS Vansdorf WHN 13 CNC,
  • Press brake of up to 500 tons;
  • Lathes;
  • Grinders and magnetic grinding machines;
  • Groove-cutting machine;
  • Welding machines and welding sets of up to 600A;
  • Spray booth.

Falco Engineering